Grade "A+" Accredited by NAAC with a CGPA of 3.46
Grade "A+" Accredited by NAAC with a CGPA of 3.46

Minutes IQAC September 10, 2021

Issued By: Coordinator, IQAC

Minutes of the Meeting of IQAC (SSCBS) held on September 10th, 2021 at 3:00pm via Google Meet

Attendance sheet is enclosed


1) To consider and approve the minutes of IQAC meeting held on June 04, 2021.

The committee confirmed the minutes of IQAC meeting held on June 04, 2021


2) Report of the “Action Taken” on the IQAC meeting held on June 04, 2021.




Item A

Repository of all the online recorded lectures to be created to be used as an archive in the future.


All faculty members are maintaining a repository of all online lectures and other learning materials provided to students in Google Drive and Google Classroom. The college also has digital infrastructure to provide recording facility in college.

Item B

As part of National Education Policy, the college should come up with plans to integrate experiential learning with existing curriculum and mode of teaching using the internet and ethical/organic online resources


Under the chairmanship of the Principal, a committee was formed under the convenorship of Dr. Rohini Singh to integrate the requirements of National Education Policy with the curriculum. A document has been prepared and circulated among all faculty members. This document looks into the broad outline, defines the papers that already exist and has also specified the new papers that needs to be included.

Item C

Conduct more workshops/webinars/talks by the experts for students about the future of Higher Education especially with reference to Mode of Teaching


Workshops and webinars were conducted on Profile Building for higher education that aimed at guiding students aspiring to get into prestigious higher education institutions.

Item D

To conduct workshops/webinars/talks by the expert from the industry to prepare the students about the pros and cons of new working culture followed by the companies and the future scenario of working in the corporate

They were specific sessions on Data Science to  train students on improving their skills to present, analyse and interpret data. Additionally, there were sessions held on Entrepreneurships and other sessions on the various job profiles to improve the employability of students.


Item E

Academic partnerships for skill building among students to make them more confident and job ready in the online mode with the help pf experts from the industry


From June 2020 to September 2021 a total of 23 sessions on various topics were conducted for students. During COVID times, sessions were conducted on the theme ‘How to succeed in Online Interviews’ where students were trained on how to improve their performance during Online interviews.



3) To discuss a road map of the steps to be taken to improve the learning environment of the college

  1. a) To orient student’s behavior to help them cope with the requirements of corporate world by providing them hands-on learning opportunities that will teach them the discipline, commitment, adaptability required to thrive in corporate environment.
  2. b) To incorporate Vocational Training in the curriculum to ensure that students are able to become self-reliant and face any crisis situation with ease. Introduce mandatory community service requirement for students which may be ensured through students serving in NSS.

c)To work towards ensuring that college gets itself registered with NCC in the current academic year. A list of interested students who are willing to be part of NCC will be compiled for the same. 

  1. d) To ensure that collaborations are made with Ministry of MSME and Skill development to establish a facilitation service camps. Student volunteers through NSS can provide awareness through these facilitation camps on the various schemes offered by the Ministry of MSME to promote small and medium scaled enterprises. Students will further learn the working of various Ministries and leadership and governance qualities through these collaborations
  2. e) To ensure that more skill-based tech-oriented courses are introduced in the curriculum. Providing software-based skill enhancement workshops and webinars that will bridge the gap between the classroom learning and corporate skill requirements.
  3. f) To develop the mentor-mentee/buddy programme such that students can connect with their seniors who have similar interest/career aspirations.
  4. g) Increasing the frequency of talk/webinar sessions conducted by Industry Experts within classroom teaching pedagogy to explain specific pivotal concepts with their practical usage in mind.


The meeting ended with a vote of thanks by the chairperson (Principal) where she appreciated the valuable inputs from Mr. Anant Chaturvedi, Commander BSF Dinesh Singh, Prof. Ramesh C Gaur and  Mr. Aditya Arora (Alumni). The chairperson also thanked all the members of the IQAC for their contribution.



(Poonam Verma)                                                                     (Tarannum Ahmad)

Professor- Principal                                                              Coordinator, IQAC