Grade "A+" Accredited by NAAC with a CGPA of 3.46
Grade "A+" Accredited by NAAC with a CGPA of 3.46

Minutes IQAC January 21, 2022

Issued By: Coordinator, IQAC

Minutes of the Meeting of IQAC (SSCBS) held on January 21st, 2022 at 3:00pm via Google Meet

Attendance sheet is enclosed


1) To consider and approve the minutes of IQAC meeting held on September 10, 2021.

The committee confirmed the minutes of IQAC meeting held on September 10, 2021.


2) Report of the “Action Taken” on the IQAC meeting held on September 10, 2021.




Item A

Orient student’s behavior to help them cope with the requirements of corporate world by providing them hands-on learning opportunities.


Orientation of students start right from day one where an  interaction session with three notable alumni namely

1)    Harmeet Ahluwalia –

Global Leader of Client capabilities, Mckinsey & Company

2)    Prashray Kala

Vice President, Everest Group

3)    Atul Sharma

Technical Director

was conducted to guide all the students and provide them insights into the working of the corporate world.

Item B

To work towards ensuring that college gets itself registered with NCC in the current academic year. A list of interested students who are willing to be part of NCC will be compiled for the same. 


The college is making efforts to connect with Commander BSF Dinesh Singh who is in talks with government officials to get the college registered with NCC at the earliest.

Item C

Increase collaborations with Ministry of MSME and Skill development to provide awareness on the various schemes offered by the Ministry of MSME to promote small and medium scaled enterprises.


The college conducted a two-hour lecture on 16th September 2021 by inviting an official from MSME to explain the different schemes and support systems being offered to start-ups by government and non-government bodies.

Item D

Introduce skill-based tech-oriented courses  in the curriculum and providing software-based skill enhancement workshops and webinars. 


The college is working towards providing more skill-based orientation courses and enhance the software skills of students by offering courses that incorporates hands on learning on softwares like Prowess, Capital Line, Statistical Software Packages etc. The college organised 10 sessions of workshop Mathematica on software for mathematical tools.


Item E

Develop the mentor-mentee/buddy programme such that students can connect with their seniors who have similar interest/career aspirations. 



The college asked all students from the batch of 2020 and 2021 to register as mentors in the mentor-mentee programme of the college. The college received 33 registrations from 2020 batch and 193 registrations from  2021 batch.

Item F

Increasing the frequency of talk/webinar sessions conducted by Industry Experts within classroom teaching pedagogy to explain specific pivotal concepts with their practical usage in mind.



The college conducted 18 sessions after the previous IQAC meeting on various topics ranging from data analytics to risk management.



3) Presentation on IIC

The College has registered itself under IIC and received the approval of the same on 17th January 2022. Dr Anamika Gupta the Convenor of IIC made a presentation on the same apprising the members on the several activities being planned under IIC which will be conducted at regular intervals.

4) To discuss a road map of the steps to be taken to improve the learning environment of the college

  1. a) To introduce a robust learning management system of all courses offered in the college so that students can build a strong fundamental base by accessing the resources through the Learning Management System.
  2. b) To encourage the clubs and societies of the college to prepare mock business models that can be then presented to corporate ventures for funding purposes so that students can gain exposure to entrepreneurship.
  3. c) To provide hands-on-learning experience on latest technologies and software tools using which students can build projects.
  4. d) The college has started an initiative to promote learning and other achievements of the students by creating a Principal’s Achievers List.


The meeting ended with a vote of thanks by the chairperson (Principal) where she appreciated the valuable inputs from all the members.



(Poonam Verma)                                                                 (Tarannum Ahmad)

Professor- Principal                                                            Coordinator, IQAC