Grade "A+" Accredited by NAAC with a CGPA of 3.46
Grade "A+" Accredited by NAAC with a CGPA of 3.46

Divyang Policy

Policy for Divyang

The college is committed to the national policy of inclusive education, ensuring equality, freedom, justice, and dignity for all individuals. The college devotes equal attention to those who are differently-abled. The college provides special facilities for the differently-abled students and staff to provide them opportunities to acquire quality education and to bring them into the mainstream of society. The college has a social responsibility and perception that differently-abled people should be respected and treated as normal human beings. The policy adopted by the college has four major objectives:

  1. To create an educational environment that provides Divyang students and staff equality of opportunities and protection of their rights.
  2. To enable them to become economically self-sufficient;
  3. To eliminate all forms of discrimination.
  4. To undertake measures to reduce or eliminate barriers so that differently-abled students and staff can learn and fully engage in activities with their peers

Some of the facilities and measures are undertaken by the college to achieve the objectives are:

Infrastructure Facilities

  • Ramps: The college has a special facility of ramps for the differently-abled students and staff. They are identifiable and easily accessible. Steps and ramps have hand railings permitting access to a conveniently located lift.
  • Access to lifts: The college has many lifts for differently-abled people to reach freely on different floors. The doors are wide enough to accommodate wheelchair users and the space inside is sufficient for
  • Wheelchairs: Students and staff with locomotive disabilities even have easy access to a wheelchair for smooth
  • Rest Rooms: Separate toilets are available for differently-abled. They are identifiable and accessible. The doors are wide enough and lockable from inside and releasable from There is enough maneuvering space inside the restrooms.
  • Visual Signage: Visual signage indicating the arrival at different floors is available.

Teaching Learning Support

  • Faculty take all necessary measures such as remedial classes, providing study material, etc. as required by the Divyang students.
  • E- version of Learning Resources: Students are provided with e-versions of journals, books, magazines, and other study material for supporting a dynamic and hassle-free learning
  • Scribes for Examination: Some students find it difficult to take the examination and they need scribes with them. The college provides the students to take the help of scribes without any charges in the examination

Career Counselling Support

Career Development Cell: The Placement Cell puts in continuous efforts to help Divyang students in the placement processes. The placement officer is always available for career counseling of differently-abled students.

Equal Opportunity Cell

The cell supervises and oversees the effective implementation of policies and programs for the differently-abled students and staff. The cell also ensures that there is no discrimination against the divyang people in the college. The cell can be approached for any problems faced by the differently-abled students and staff.