Grade "A+" Accredited by NAAC with a CGPA of 3.46
Grade "A+" Accredited by NAAC with a CGPA of 3.46

Campus Code Of Conduct

  1. Students are required to maintain a high standard of discipline. Cases of indiscipline will be dealt with as per the provisions of ordinance XV-B of the University of Delhi.
  2. Any student who has been found guilty of indiscipline will automatically lose his/her claim for the award of any prize/merit certificate apart from any other disciplinary action deemed fit by the college
  3. Students are required to be regular in the classes. Students are required to attend 2/3rd of the delivered lectures (including tutorials) and Practical, separately, to be eligible to appear in the University examinations. Parents/Guardians are expected to make frequent inquiries about the attendance of their wards. It is not incumbent on the college to inform the parents/students about the shortage of attendance.
  4. Attendance in seminars, special lectures and functions organized by the college is compulsory. Any student who violates this shall be debarred from the college activities and placements.
  5. Every student must adhere to the schedule of submission of class assignments, projects and summer training completion certificates.
  6. The college would maintain details of the contributions made by a student for credit entry in his/her college leaving certificate. Similarly, the student will invite negative marks in the same certificate for any misconduct/indiscipline.
  7. Students are required to carry identity card all the time in the
  8. Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited within the college premises as well as on public Any case of ragging shall be dealt with as per ordinance XV-C of the University.
  9. Students will abide by code of conduct as laid down under UGC notification 2016 (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal of Sexual harassment of women employees and students in higher educational institutions) Regulations 2015. Any case of sexual harassment shall be dealt with as per ordinance XV-D of the University of
  10. Students are representatives of the college during their entire Any actions of indiscipline, immorality, an illegal nature, harassment, bad behavior and suchlike both within and outside the college campus would be dealt with the utmost severity. All students are strongly advised to conduct themselves in a manner befitting a responsible member of the college and the society. Parents/Guardians are expected to and requested to sensitize their ward(s) accordingly.
  11. Absence from college due to medical reasons should be followed by submission of medical certificate immediately at the time of joining.
  12. Students are required to provide correct and authentic information to the college authorities as and when required. Any change in particulars given at the time of admission should be intimated as and when they occur.
  1. Students shall refrain from-
    • Smoking, drinking, gambling and drug taking in any form; the college is a SMOKE FREE
    • Causing damage to college building, furniture, fixtures, garden or to any other
    • Tampering with official records of
    • Mass bunking
    • Making noise in corridors while teaching is in progress in other class
    • Demeaning the status, dignity, esteem & honor of students and
    • Indulging in verbal or digital abuse, aggression, indecent gestures and obscene behavior or any kind of violence.
    • Carrying arms and
    • Any conduct which acts as a threat to safety and security of the college
    • Any acts of indiscipline, immorality, an illegal nature, harassment, bad behaviour and suchlike both inside and outside the college campus while a part of the college
    • Any activity which negatively affects the reputation of the college.