Grade "A+" Accredited by NAAC with a CGPA of 3.46
Grade "A+" Accredited by NAAC with a CGPA of 3.46
Undergraduate Program

Bachelor of Business Administration (Financial Investment Analysis)

Managerial insights for a budding professional

The Bachelor of Business Administration (Financial Investment Analysis) [BBA(FIA)] is a honours program with research program designed to develop analytical skills in the field of finance. The program is focused to create financial expertise to contribute in fast evolving economy of India in the specific fields of Banking and financial services; Investment and fund management; Corporate financial management and Financial Risk Management. The students are exposed to various statistical, quantitative, econometric tools & techniques used for financial analysis with the help of software like SPSS, Eviews, R, Python etc.

Aims of BBA (FIA) Programme

At the end of the Programme, students are expected to analyze any financial statement, value any organization or develop financial and risk models for their application. They will be ready to take the emerging challenges at their job in the field of finance and will be able to handle it strategically.

Eligibility Criteria

For details about the subjects to be chosen in CUET, please check the Program Specific Eligibility for Bachelor of Business Administration (Financial Investment Analysis) BBA(FIA) in the Bulletin of Information for Undergraduate Admissions to University of Delhi. 
Also, check the mapping between subjects in CUET and various Boards.

Department Contact Info

Bachelor of Business Administration (Finance and Investment Analysis)


Head of the Department :

Dr. Neeraj Sehrawat

Email :

Room No. 232, Balearic Sea

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Disclaimer: Course details are subject to change. For latest course details please refer to the University of Delhi Website.

Learning Outcomes

After completion of the program, students will be able to:

  • Understand and demonstrate sound theoretical knowledge of finance concepts
  • Apply the concepts to analyze any financial statement, value any organization or develop financial and risk models for their application
  • Understand the holistic perspective of financial environment
  • Enable students to carry out learning and research for advanced courses in finance
  • Learner to take on roles of responsibility in the areas of corporate finance analysis and valuation; banking and finance; investment and capital markets, risk management and project financing

Career Opportunities

BA(FIA) program is a pivotal anchor in one’s journey towards a career in investment banking, hedge funds and various financial sectors. This comprehensive finance course serves as a strong foundation offering exposure to finance right from the first year, covering essential concepts ranging from Financial Management to Derivatives, Statistics, and Economics.

It encourages students to pursue summer internships, giving firsthand experience and making the coursework more meaningful and applicable to real-world scenarios. Pursuing advanced degrees such as an MBA in Finance or CFA are highly sought after and open doors to roles such as financial analyst, research analyst and consultant.

The impressive track record of alumni securing placements, earning seats in top-tier business schools and startups is a testament to the fulfilling and impactful career facilitated by it through academic and practical experience in the dynamic field of finance.

Selection procedure

Merit will be based on the CUET scores in the combination of subjects as per the Eligibility Criteria

Structure & Credit distribution of Bachelor of Business Administration (FIA)