Grade "A+" Accredited by NAAC with a CGPA of 3.46
Grade "A+" Accredited by NAAC with a CGPA of 3.46

Minutes IQAC 9 October, 2023

Issued By: Coordinator, IQAC


Minutes of IQAC Meeting


Date: 09 October 2023 (Monday)  |  Time: 1500 hrs onwards  |  Venue: SSCBS (and online)


Members Present:

  1. Kavita Sharma, Treasurer of GB, SSCBS – joined online
  2. Poonam Verma, Principal, SSCBS
  3. Anand K Chaturvedi, Employer – joined online
  4. Meenu, Parent Representative – unable to join
  5. Kavita Rastogi, Asso. Prof., SSCBS
  6. Shalini Prakash, Asso. Prof., SSCBS
  7. Kishori Ravi Shankar, Asst. Prof., SSCBS
  8. Neeraj Kumar Sehrawat, Asst. Prof., SSCBS
  9. Rishi Rajan Sahay, Asst. Prof., SSCBS
  10. Mona Verma, Asst. Prof., SSCBS
  11. Satish Kr. Goel, Asst. Prof., SSCBS
  12. Deepti Khatri, Librarian, SSCBS
  13. Deepak Tiwari, Placement Officer, SSCBS
  14. Ankur Aggarwal, AO (Offg.), SSCBS
  15. Pushpender Kumar, Alumni of SSCBS
  16. Tanusha Arora, Student Representative BMS, SSCBS
  17. Daksh Bhandari, Student Representative BBAFIA, SSCBS
  18. Shashwat Chandra, Student Representative BSc, SSCBS
  19. Tarannum Ahmad, Asso. Prof., SSCBS, IQAC Coordinator


Special Invitees:

  1. Tushar Marwaha, Assistant Prof., SSCBS
  2. Abhimanyu Verma, Assistant Prof., SSCBS
  3. Hemender Sharma, System Network Administrator, SSCBS


At the onset, the IQAC coordinator welcomed Dr. Pushpender (as Alumni of SSCBS) and Ms. Tanusha (as Student Representative BMS, SSCBS) as part of the IQAC.



  1. To confirm the minutes of the IQAC meeting held on 25 April, 2023
  2. To report the Action Taken on the minutes of IQAC meeting held on 25 April, 2023
  3. To discuss a road map of the steps to improve the learning environment of the college.
  4. Any other matter with the permission of the Chair.


The following was deliberated upon and resolved:


  1. To confirm the minutes of the IQAC meeting held on 25 April, 2023


IQAC coordinator informed all present that the draft minutes of the meeting held on 25 April, 2023 were circulated to all the members and the observations received regarding the same were incorporated into the Minutes.


The Minutes of the Meeting held on 25 April, 2023 are confirmed.


  1. To report the action taken on the minutes of IQAC meeting held on 25 April, 2023.


An Action Taken report was discussed with all present. The report is appended in Annexure 1.


The report was tabled.


  1. To discuss a road map of the steps to improve the learning environment of the college.


Suggestions were invited from the attendees. Their inputs are as below:

  1. The Principal, SSCBS briefed all on the following new developments:

– EOL (Extraordinary leave) proposal was raised by the college to the University. They have asked us to send a proposal for the same for consideration in the EC meeting. The Principal has volunteered to help look further into this.


  1. Student members gave their inputs on the following:

– They have requested for a photocopy machine/ shop to be there in the college premises. Alongwith photocopy services, basic stationery services would also be included with this. The tendering process for this is already underway.

– Increase the awareness that the college has an empanelled counsellor through an email, support for student council and ask the counsellor for an awareness session.

– There was a request for an increase in the internet bandwidth. The Principal briefed that the college has written to the University for an increase in the internet bandwidth, upto 1gbps. Mr. Hemender further briefed in this regard.

Additionally, students have asked for network access via LAN ports. The Principal requested the students to use the existing facilities in the computer labs to help overcome this issue.

– There is a request for checking the existing and adding more power sockets in the classrooms. It is requested that the college take this up with the PWD.

– The students also requested that the computers in the labs be upgraded. It was reported that efforts are underway to address this by adding new devices as per process.

– Considering upcoming exams, the students have asked to extend the timings of the library. The Principal and the Librarian have agreed to explore this on a trial basis.

– The students also requested that the college offer more workshops even for the 1st and 2nd year students so that they can be prepared better for their internships and the placement processes. The Principal and the Placement Officer agreed that this could be initiated from Sem 2 (for 1st year students) and Sem 3 (for 2nd year students) while continuing for the 3ed year students.

Mr. Anand further added that more resume/ CV building workshops could also be offered, esp. on what content should go into the CV so that it can help the student during the interview process. Students should also be offered support in determining their future career paths and the job role-personality fit.

– The students were requested to collaborate with each other esp. when societies conduct knowledge sharing sessions. Ms. Kishori and the Principal spoke on this. The student representatives were also requested to take this up with the Student Council so that proper dissemination and reinforcement of this important message can take place. These representatives were encouraged to adopt this practice from their societies to encourage the other students of the college.


  1. Other members present shared their views on the following:

– Dr. Pushpender suggested offering counselling and related support services to the students. IQAC coordinator briefed that the college already offers such services.

– Mr. Anand suggested that the college should have access to placement counsellors and such related support services to help prepare the students for jobs after college; especially in Sales and Marketing. He further suggested that such support should be extended to internships as well and that these internships should be supervised and guided more rigorously; focussing on org. culture and related aspects. Mr. Deepak (Placement Officer) briefed us that the college is expending more efforts to attract more Marketing companies onto the campus and that we could bring in more industry practitioners who could enunciate more in this regard. He further said that the college is already taking care to connect with the companies where the students have gone for internships; he agreed to look on how to improve this engagement further.

– Dr. Neeraj shared that the students of the college have participated in and have won many case study competitions at institutions of national repute.



IQAC should work to identify best possible and feasible actions to address these concerns and suggestions received.



Annexure 1:

Action taken report of the IQAC Meeting held on 25 April, 2023




Item A

Mentorship and Counselling services on offer by SSCBS should be expanded. 

– The college already has an empanelled counsellor who offers her support to the students via appointment

– Students of the college are in the advanced stages of starting a student driven support initiative titled ‘Makes Sense’ wherein they hope to offer counselling and support services through the SSCBS alumni network and professional partners

– One session for the college students was organized with partner ‘MindPeers’ on 03 Oct. 2023. 

– Meditation sessions were conducted by the Art of Living team under the ‘Har Ghar Dhyan’ program. On Sep 11, 12 and 13 – sessions were conducted in individual classrooms for the first year students across all courses. On Sep 14, a voluntary session for the 2nd and 3rd year students was conducted. Following these, a 6-day course by AOL titled YES+ (Youth Empowerment and Skills Workshop) was conducted from September 18-22 and Sep 25.

– An interactive session on Mental Health and De-addiction was conducted for the first-year students on September 25, 2023 in Akashganga, the college Auditorium, from 10 am to 12 pm. The panel for the session comprised Dr. Piyali Mandal and Dr. Preethy K from Department of Psychiatry, AIIMS Delhi, who shared their observations and suggestions with a team of faculty members post the session. Queries were collected anonymously from the students beforehand, and were collectively addressed during the session. This was done to avoid any discomfort to students in publicly sharing their concerns/problems. Moreover, the session was exclusively for the first year students to ensure hassle-free discussions.

– A meeting of the self-help group was conducted on October 3, 2023 from 5 pm to 6:30 pm. It was reinforced during the meeting that the group members need to stand by each other and be available for each other in times of any distress. Also, it was suggested that the meetings be held more often so that anybody going into isolation (or depression) can be timely identified and offered help.

Item B

SSCBS is proposing to offer technical internships where the students collaborate with teachers and the outcomes could be in the form of research papers.

Dr. Neeraj and Mr. Deepak (Placement Officer) had briefed:

– Mr. Deepak is looking at the modalities of offering such internships with the support of your recruitment partners.

– The college is also offering students the chance to opt for IAPC (Internship, Apprenticeship, Projects or Community Outreach) as an

alternative to their SEC paper in Sem 3. This will carry 02 credits. Operational details are coming from the university on a need basis. Maybe at the end of Sem 3, IQAC could be briefed on the take-up of this by the students.

– To promote a culture of research, SSCBS has initiated Faculty Internship Program and also recognized it as equivalent to summer internship program. This year, some of our faculty members (at least 2) engaged the students in research internship during summer vacations on varied research topics such as sentiment analysis, data science etc. The students have successfully completed the projects with some of them taking the work forward towards a potential publication.

Item C

Mics and other tech part for Audi and Seminar

The college admin undertook a technical evaluation for the same with the below observations:

– Technical evaluation was done for installing an AC in the control room of the college auditorium. The technician was not able to find a place to fix AC, he has recommended to install 1-2 exhaust fan etc.

– A selected vendor has provided 3 mics for use in the college auditorium on a trial basis.

Item D

EOL for Corporate Assignments

From PV mam



The IQAC coordinator summarised at the end and the meeting ended with thanks to all present.






—End of this document—