Grade "A+" Accredited by NAAC with a CGPA of 3.46
Grade "A+" Accredited by NAAC with a CGPA of 3.46

Important points regarding OBE December 2020 as discussed in the Zoom meeting

Issued By: Nodal Officer, Examination

All the mail should be written to only. Sending email to any other email will not be entertained.

Points for Downloading Question Paper:

1) If you are not able to download the question paper then mail your request to

2) You must mention your Programme Name, UPC and Exam Roll Number every time while sending the mail

Points for Making PDF for Answer Scripts:

1) First page of each question must have following details:

     a) Student Name

     b) Programme Name

     c) Semester: (Semester of paper being answered)

     d) Examination Roll Number

     e) Unique Paper Code

     f) Paper Title

     g) Scheduled date and start time of exam:2) Make one PDF file for each answer

3) Please make sure all the details are correct because no changes can be done once you have submitted the answer scripts on the OBE portal.

4) Make sure that the file size of each pdf should be less than 7 MB.

5) You must number each page as Page Number / Total Number of sheets in all answers combined. Ex: If you use 20 pages for answering all 4 questions then paging should be like, Page 1 of 20, Page 2 of 20 and so on the bottom centre of the page.

Point for Uploading the Answer Scripts:

1) Make sure that you upload correct and complete files before the final submission. Any changes after that cannot be entertained at any stage.

2) Time duration for the exam is 3 hours only. Please use the extra one hour provided to upload the answer scripts only to avoid a last minute submission crisis.

3) As a precautionary measure try to start uploading at least 30 minutes before the 4-hour window timelines.

4) On submission you will see a confirmation message on the screen saying that you will receive the confirmation email. Please keep the screenshot of this message and retain it till you receive the confirmation mail. In case you do not receive the confirmation email then email this screenshot to Mention all the details in the body of the email.

After 4 hours:

1) If you fail to upload within 4 hours even by one minute then you must attach at least 4 to 5 screenshots showing the problems of the portal preventing timely submission. These screenshots must be attached along with any of your answers as multiple pdfs.

2) There is no separate provision on the portal to upload the delayed submission proofs. They have to be necessarily attached with any of your answers before pressing the submit button.

3) Please do not send any scripts to us on the mail upto 5 hours.

After 5 hours:

1) After 4 hours, you are given an additional one hour to upload your answer scripts along with the screenshots. If you fail to do so in 5 hours as well, then you have 10 minutes of time to send all your answer scripts along with the details and the documentary evidences showing the reason of failures to

2) You must send all the answer scripts, partial files on portal and partial files on email will not be considered.

Disclaimer: Any submission after 4 hours either on portal or email will be reviewed by the University Review Committee and will cause delay in the results.