Grade "A+" Accredited by NAAC with a CGPA of 3.46
Grade "A+" Accredited by NAAC with a CGPA of 3.46
Issued By: Coordinator, IQAC

Minutes of IQAC Meeting


The IQAC meeting was held on 08 June, 2022 (Wednesday) from 3pm onwards and the following members attended the same:


  1. Poonam Verma
  2. S.S. Guglani
  3. Arvinder Kaur
  4. Aditya Arora
  5. Sanjay Kumar Goyal
  6. Preeti Rajpal Singh
  7. Sameer Anand
  8. Tarannum Ahmad
  9. Shalini Prakash
  10. Neeraj Kumar Sehrawat
  11. Rishi Rajan Sahay
  12. Deepti Khatri
  13. Deepak Tiwari
  14. Ankur Aggarwal


Special Invitees:

  1. Abhimanyu Verma
  2. Tushar Marwaha



The following was deliberated upon and resolved:


  1. To confirm the minutes of the IQAC meeting held on 21 Jan. 2022


IQAC coordinator informed all present that the draft minutes of the meeting held on 21 Jan 2022 were circulated to all the members and that no observations were received regarding the same.


The Minutes of the Meeting held on 21 Jan 2022 are confirmed.


  1. To report the action taken on the minutes of IQAC meeting held on 21 Jan. 2022


An Action Taken report was discussed with all present. The report is attached in Annexure 1.


The report was tabled.


  1. Report of NAAC peer team visit of 21-22 April, 2022

The IQAC coordinator briefed all present about the NAAC Peer Team Visit for Second Cycle Accreditation that took place on 21-22 April, 2022.

All present were informed that SSCBS was awarded a grade of ‘A+” with a CGPA score of 3.46 valid for a period of 5 years w.e.f. 26 April, 2022.

The SWOC and Recommendations from the Peer Team were shared and discussed with all present.


These were tabled.


  1. To discuss a road map of the steps to improve the learning environment of the college.


Detailed discussions undertaken on specific points from the Recommendations of the Peer Team:

  1. LMS (Learning Management System): Principal briefed that SSCBS was shortlisted by DU to create AV facilities in the college. Further details are awaited from the University’s side.
  2. Recordings of classes: It is recommended that teachers (based on their comfort and choice) should try recording some classes and learning videos that cover new, additional and important topics.
  3. Regular course revisions: It was informed that NEP is being rolled out by DU and under its aegis, regular course revisions would be built-in.
  4. Running PG courses: It was informed that SSCBS has already asked DU for support to launch a MSc in OR (Operations Research) course and a PG level GBO (Global Business Operations) program in the college.
  5. International Linkages: Peer team has recommended that SSCBS should strengthen its international collaborations.
  6. Industry Linkages: Peer Team recommended that SSCBS should strengthen its Industry Linkages. The college can explore various possibilities such as funding support; setting up of labs for student use; trainings for faculty members; signing MoUs with industry partners who recruit (internships and final placements) our students and seeking CSR funds.
  7. 5 Year courses: All present were informed that SSCBS can run such courses only if these are approved in the AC and EC of DU and the DU releases appropriate guidelines in this regard.
  8. Academic and Administrative Audit: Principal SSCBS informed that while the college regularly goes through various national and state government level audits, these concentrate on admin and finance matters. The members were apprised that FASSH (our parent department in DU) is planning to audit the various colleges that run its programs.


  1. Any other matter with the permission of the chair.


The below matters were taken up under this agenda item:

  1. PowerBI: It was suggested that the college should have PowerBI for use by the students.


  1. Aditya Arora kindly expressed a desire to support the college further in the areas of entrepreneurship in conjunction with SIIF.



The meeting ended with a vote of thanks by the Principal, SSCBS.



Annexure 1:

Action taken report of the IQAC Meeting held on 21 January 2022.




Item A

Introduce a robust learning management system of all courses offered in the college so that students can build a strong fundamental base by accessing the resources through the Learning Management System.

The Online classes conducted by faculties are recorded and shared with all students through Google Classroom along with relevant learning materials. This acts as the Learning Management System for the College. Even in the transition to offline classes, it is being ensured that learning resources continue to be shared with students and stored in an accessible repository (Google Drive).

Item B

To encourage the clubs and societies of the college to prepare mock business models that can be then presented to corporate ventures for funding purposes so that students can gain exposure to entrepreneurship.

College bodies like Student Societies (Yuva, Nucleus and Enactus); incubation centre (SIIF) and MoE, GoI linked council (IIC) continue to help prepare mock business models and conduct competitions that encourage students to build business models. IIC and SIIF are putting in more efforts in this regard.

Item C

To provide hands-on-learning experience on latest technologies and software tools using which students can build projects.

Students get exposure to softwares like Prowess, R Studio, Jupyter as part of learning courses like Software for Data Extraction and Analysis, Financial Analytics etc. They are further encouraged to apply their learnings to research projects and publish research articles in reputed journals.

Item D

The college has started an initiative to promote learning and other achievements of the students by creating a Principal’s Achievers List.

The relevant policies and guidelines for identifying the eligible students have been finalised. This will be implemented for AY 2021-22 onwards.