Grade "A+" Accredited by NAAC with a CGPA of 3.46
Grade "A+" Accredited by NAAC with a CGPA of 3.46


The Economics Society Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies, Delhi University

What We Do

The society was formed in 2011 and has been organising many events since then to spread the knowledge of Economics through fun-filled events. Be it our flagship event Elumiere or the weekly digest Demystify, we as a society aim to acquaint even the layman with the beauty of economics and think beyond the limits of formal education and enrich our fellow members through Knowledge Sharing Sessions and Live Projects.

Key Achievements in 2019-20

Demystify, the weekly digest that aims to explain difficult economic and financial concepts in an easy and fun filled way, recently released its 200th edition, making it one of the longest running student run digests at the undergraduate level.

Numerous accolades and achievements in competitions in the DU Circuit and all over India, some of which are:

 Devil’s advocate – 1 st , 2 nd  and 3 rd  positions – Atharv, IIM Indore
 Deeksha Agarwal – 1 st position – Global Business Case Competition – International Business Cell,
Delhi School of Economics
 Radhika Mittal – 1 st position – Mark-O-Witz – SRCC
 Sharelocked – 1 st  and 2 nd  positions – Finance Platter, Hansraj College
 Raghav Parwal – 1 st position – Deem Dilemma – Anthropos, SSCBS
 Anshika Goel – 2 nd position – Crimen Organizado – SGGSCC
 Aarohi Sharma – 2 nd  position – Paper presentation – Ecovantage’19 – Economics Association, JMC
 Deeksha Agarwal – 3 rd  position – Policy Making Competition – Faculty of Management Studies
 Divyangi Singh – 3 rd  position – Decennium – Synergy, SSCBS

Key Events in 2019-20

Elumiere: Elumiere is one of the most innovative events at the collegiate level with competitions that inspire excellence amongst all its participants. Throughout the years, the brilliant minds behind Elumiere have strived to make competitions that break the mould of ordinary college events and create something truly inspiring.  It creates an opportunity for college students to compete in events that not only challenge their pre-existing knowledge and expertise but also compel them to think out of the box. Our modus operandi here at Elumiere is to provide a platform for creative minds to think beyond and elicit brilliance.

This year, we witnessed participation from all over India participating in competitions ranging from mock stocks that test you to manage both risk and reward and simulations where you stand in the shoes of a 16th century trader whose main goal is to establish dominance over the entire world.

Aviatrix, Online Simulation: We also conducted our much-awaited online business simulation, Aviatrix, this year which tested the analytical & risk management skills of the participants to fill the coveted spot of the ultimate champion. The simulation revolved around the decisions of the aviation industry and featured participation from more than 500 students across India.

Demystify: As the name suggests, it is a series of quirky and intriguing articles spiced up with eccentricity and intelligence that aims to explain difficult economic and financial concepts in an easy and fun-filled way. Through graphic visual representations of data and facts, we intend to present information in a quick and concise manner. Ecovision has 1500+ subscribers who receive these infographics via WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram every Tuesday.

Live Projects: Gaining practical knowledge is as important as learning theoretical concepts. This initiative of ours aims to do just that. Live Projects help society members understand the nature of work in real life. As business students, we specialize in economic matters and quantitative research that helps companies in optimising their operations, building business strategies and analyze big data through various means. This year our affiliations include Vahdham Teas, Perfect Research, SSA Finserv and Energy Bite. Through this endeavour we try to do our bit towards the society by conducting socio-economic research for NGOs as well. We have previously worked with Sparsh Foundation and Protsahan 9 Enterprises and have worked with the NGO Lakshyam this year.
Atharv, IIM Indore: Team Ecovision also participated in Atharv’19, the annual management fest of IIM Indore this year. We take part in a range of competitions based on different concepts – economics, marketing, HR, finance, strategy formulation, entrepreneurship ideas, etc. with utmost enthusiasm, dedication, and perseverance and come back with laurels each year.
Knowledge Sharing Sessions and Workshops: The society also holds knowledge sharing sessions every week covering important economic and finance topics such as forensic accounting, algorithmic trading, 1MDB scandal and many more. Recently, a session on instrument valuation and the Union Budget was conducted for the students, with experts coming in to explain the nuances of these topics.

Upcoming Events in 2020-21

The upcoming year will be filled with some mind-blowing and engaging events. The society’s flagship event, Elumiere, is one of the most innovative events to be held at the collegiate level. Designed to test the participant’s creativity, spontaneity, and intelligence, we strive to bring the next edition of Elumiere to even greater heights.

The society’s weekly digest, Demystify, aims to explain difficult economic and financial concepts through graphic visual representations of data and facts to make the information easily understandable to its subscribers. There are continuous efforts in improving the content and making Demystify more accessible to the community.

Live Projects will be organised this year for all the members of the society to enhance their theoretical as well as practical knowledge. Associating with business organisations and helping them in building business strategy, optimising revenue streams not only helps the organisation in providing a different view of the situation but also builds up the morale of the members.

This year, a contingent team from the society will take part in Atharv, the annual management fest of IIM Indore, which provides a platform for the members to learn different concepts based on economics, marketing, strategy formulation, etc. and showcase their skills.

Just like every year, the society plans to hold Knowledge Sharing Sessions and workshops covering important economic and financial concepts, bringing in experts to enhance the knowledge base of the students.

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