Grade "A+" Accredited by NAAC with a CGPA of 3.46
Grade "A+" Accredited by NAAC with a CGPA of 3.46


Operations and Supply Chain Club

What We Do

Incorporated on 1st March 2021, APICS SSCBS Student Chapter is the first of its kind to be established in India backed by the country’s No. 1 undergraduate management college, Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies, and KnoWerX Education (India).

One of the objectives of the APICS SSCBS chapter is to provide a forum and venue for professional networking opportunities, to advance the educational and career goals of its members, and to foster esprit de corps among its members through its functioning.

APICS SSCBS Student Chapter aims to facilitate young minds to establish a connection between classroom learning and real-life application of supply chain and operations management through skill development and relevant industry exposure. We aim to provide a learning hub at the undergraduate level for the innovative minds wanting to renovate and revolutionize the ways the traditional supply chain model works.

Our values include professional development, continuous improvement, communication, involvement, relationships, respect, and integrity.

The APICS Edge

  1. Access to educational programs, networking opportunities, certification exams, and other resources
  2. Opportunities to network with other professional chapters globally
  3. Scholarships based on participation in APICS activities, as well as academic achievement
  4. The opportunity to participate in various local student competitions open exclusively to APICS members
  5. Improved quality, sustainability, and effectiveness of supply chains and supply chain professionals worldwide through live projects
  6. The Mentor Center offers student members an easy way to connect online with a professional member working in the supply chain field.

Key Functions 2020-21

  1. Just-In-Talks Speaker Session: The chapter started the Just-In-Talks (JIT) series wherein renowned professionals from the supply chain industry discuss with the members about the current changes and new trends in the supply chain industry. The interactive sessions enable the students to learn and explore the field of supply chain and operations from an industry point of view. We host eminent industry professionals across the globe.
  2. Upcoming Live Projects: Established organizations are invited for Live Projects. Under these projects we offer a comprehensive analysis of the organization’s business model, consulting support with a special focus on fields like logistics, supply chain, operations, and inventory management. We aim to expand and diversify in the real corporate world to achieve indispensable hands-on experience and foster a multidimensional approach to skill development. Our key functions include – extensive market research, consulting services, supply chain, and operations management, and financial services.
  3. Supply Chain Management Awareness: In a finance and marketing dominated sphere, we encourage holistic learning and strive to highlight the field of supply chain management as a core career path. We aim to spread awareness by working on comprehensive industrial reports, research papers, and creative social media campaigns.
  4. Knowledge Sharing Sessions: Knowledge Sharing sessions are delivered on insightful topics. This helps in the flow of knowledge among our members and as a result, strengthens peer-to-peer understanding. In such a short span of time, we have gained a lot about how to use the statistical tools to refine our findings as well as the presentation tools to present a good deliverable and ensure to continue to do so to develop the skills of our members.
  5. Compiling a dedicated SCM Library: We as a student body compile resources and literature texts for our learnings in the broad field of Supply Chain Management. This ever-increasing database will help solidify our learnings and skill in this particular field. Additionally, the ASCM portal gives access to the best research papers, blogs, case frameworks, case studies, mentorship guidance, etc., and is exclusive to the members of APICS SSCBS.

Upcoming Plans 2020-21

  1. Event: The chapter plans to host India’s first supply chain event at the undergraduate level in the upcoming academic year. Students from across the nation would compete against each other in nerve-wracking case studies and simulations to emerge as the winners for the year.
  2. Bootcamp: APICS SSCBS plans to conduct a Bootcamp to boost the skills of students in the ever-changing field of operations by facilitating industry-student interaction and sharing of ideas.

Contact Us

Name of Contact Persons

  • Divjas Singh
  • Tanya Verma

Teachers In Charge